Oman introduces state-of-the-art slaughter waste rendering unit, boosting environmental and economic benefits

Business Wednesday 11/October/2023 17:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman introduces state-of-the-art slaughter waste rendering unit, boosting environmental and economic benefits

Muscat: In a groundbreaking development for the GCC region, the Sawari Rendering Unit has become the first scientific processing facility dedicated to collecting and processing slaughter waste. This significant initiative is set to bring about numerous advantages for Oman, with far-reaching implications for the environment and the economy.

The unit was inaugurated by Engineer Yasir Bin Ibrahim Al Ajmi, Director General of Madyan (The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates).

Abdul Latheef, Chairman – Sawari, who is the Board Member of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Managing Director of Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals as well said, “One of the primary benefits of this new unit is the proper processing of slaughter waste, which will significantly reduce dumping and pollution. By ensuring that waste is handled in a scientific and responsible manner, the Sawari Rendering Unit is contributing to a safer and more sustainable environment, not only for the present but also for future generations.”
Moreover, the introduction of this facility will enable slaughter units to save on waste disposal expenses. This cost reduction will stimulate business growth in the farming, slaughter, and rendering sectors. As a result, the food industry in Oman will become more self-sufficient, leading to increased employment opportunities and bolstering the country's overall economic growth.

Currently, the Sawari Rendering Unit has a daily capacity to handle 30 tons of waste, covering a distance of approximately 300 km. However, with plans for expansion, the unit aims to increase its capacity to handle up to 50 tonnes of slaughter waste in the near future, adapting to the growing demand.

Setting itself apart, the Sawari Rendering Unit boasts unique features, such as enhanced efficiency in odour control and the continuous utilization of treated water. These innovative practices not only contribute to water conservation but also ensure the smooth operation of the factory with minimal water consumption.

Employing state-of-the-art technology and drawing on global expertise, this scientifically advanced rendering unit represents a significant achievement for Oman. Beyond its local impact, the establishment of the Sawari Rendering Unit is expected to contribute to the country's economic growth by strengthening its position in the food industry.

With its numerous environmental and economic benefits, the Sawari Rendering Unit stands as a testament to Oman's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and progress.