US: Joe Biden's son Hunter indicted on federal firearm charges

World Friday 15/September/2023 05:11 AM
US: Joe Biden's son Hunter indicted on federal firearm charges

Washington, DC: US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden has been indicted on Thursday on three counts of illegaly possessing a firearm while being addicted to drugs, reported New York Post.

First son Hunter Biden was indicted in Delaware by special counsel David Weiss.

Moreover, the charges against Hunter can carry up to 25 years in prison and could further form the first of multiple criminal cases, according to New York Post.

Hunter, who is 53, may also face tax fraud and illegal foreign lobbying counts in DC and Los Angeles.

However, Hunter Biden was also accused of lying about his drug use on a gun purchase form in 2018 when he bought a Colt Cobra revolver.

According to New York Post, he also wrote in his 2021 memoir "Beautiful Things" that he was abusing drugs at the time.

The indictment of Biden's son is related to three counts; violating federal laws governing gun ownership, lying to authority figures and interstate commerce.

Moreover, earlier in July, Hunter walked away from a plea deal that would have granted him two years of probation for not paying over USD 2 million in taxes on foreign income from countries such as China and Ukraine.

As part of the plea deal, Hunter would have been admitted to the gun offense but it would have been expunged after the completion of probation.

Earlier on Wednesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy authorised House committees on Tuesday to launch a formal impeachment probe on US President Joe Biden based on the House GOP's investigations into his family's foreign business ties and the prosecution of his son Hunter Biden, The Hill reported.

McCarthy's formal support for impeachment comes after he previously stated that he believed the House probes would eventually lead to an impeachment investigation.

The House Oversight Committee has not concluded that Biden directly benefited financially from his son Hunter Biden's business operations or that he made any policy judgements as a result of them in the months that it has been studying them.