Salalah Airport sees significant rise air traffic

Oman Wednesday 13/September/2023 20:51 PM
Salalah Airport sees significant rise air traffic

Salalah: Salalah Airport has recorded a significant increase in the air traffic during this year’s Khareef Dhofar season.

According to the statistics released on Wednesday, the airport has restored its traffic to its pre-COVID-19 times with a 29 percent increase in number of flights and 34.4 percent growth in number of passengers during the 2023 Khareef Dhofar as compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

Compared to pre-COVID-19 times when the total number of flights were 1,362 in July 2019 and 1,620 flights in August 2019, this year the Salalah Airport received 1,424 flights while in July 2022 there were 1,125 flights.

In August 2023, the airport registered a total of 1,744 flights, much higher than 1,330 in August 2022.

The total air traffic at the airport during July and August was 3,168 flights, as compared to 2,455 flights in the corresponding period in 2022.

The Salalah Airport also witnessed an increase in the number of passengers by more than 34 percent to 471,911 during July and August this year, as compared to 351,109 passengers in 2022 during the corresponding period.