Artificial intelligence set to create new industries, jobs

Oman Saturday 24/June/2023 21:16 PM
Artificial intelligence set to create new industries, jobs

Muscat: Global practices show the ability of artificial intelligence to develop a good working environment and its contribution to raising productivity and efficiency by automating procedures in a way that it shortens many procedures in various stages of work, in addition to simulating human capabilities of performing various tasks.

A number of specialists and those interested in an interview with the Oman News Agency see the ability of artificial intelligence to create new industries and jobs through creation of products and services, and solve many dilemmas and highly complex obstacles through analysing data and extracting accurate conclusions and recommendations, in addition to providing moral motivation to the employees by developing their abilities and professionalism to find innovative goals.

Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Busaidi, Director of Studies and Researches Programme at the National System for Institutional Innovation and Changing Management at the Ministry of Labour said: "The applications of the artificial intelligence in institutional fields in can contribute in improving safety, health and training aspects and this can be done through practical utilisation which has been revealed in its abilities in health field as it enables workers to easily diagnosis many diseases and suggest remedies and discover new types of medicines to help in care of patients."

In the education field, he stated that artificial intelligence has made remarkable developments through the possibility of allocating learning processes individually, evaluating students and providing observations and lectures in the transportation sector through self-driven vehicles, traffic management smart systems and transportation by strengthening efficiency in conducting tasks, safety aspects and environmental sustainability.