OQ signs agreement with SAP International pioneering sap private cloud data centre adoption

Business Tuesday 20/June/2023 17:30 PM
By: Times News Service
OQ signs agreement with SAP International pioneering sap private cloud data centre adoption

Muscat: OQ, the Global Integrated Energy Group, signed an agreement with the global tech giant, SAP.

The agreement entails OQ adopting various solutions, including (Rise with SAP), and operating SAP's integrated ERP system and assets within a newly established local data centre. This landmark agreement positions OQ as the inaugural user of SAP's solutions in the Sultanate of Oman, solidifying its commitment to technological advancement and innovation.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Dr Ali bin Amer Al Shidhani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology for Communications and Information Technology. Eng. Maryam bint Ahmed Al Shibani, Vice President of Integrated Digital Solutions at OQ, and Waheed Murtadha Al Hamaid, Executive Director of SAP Oman, officially sealed the agreement. This momentous event marked a significant step forward in the collaboration between OQ and SAP, with both organisations demonstrating their commitment to advancing digital solutions in the Sultanate.

SAP has announced today the launch of its first Private Cloud Data Center in the Sultanate, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology. The SAP Data Centre will empower the realisation of Oman Vision 2040, by accelerating innovation and cloud adoption and enabling businesses in more than 25 industries to leverage the benefits of SAP’s cloud solutions, ensuring secure data storage within the Sultanate of Oman.

Reflecting on the occasion, Al Shidhani said, "The launch of a local SAP cloud service that enables companies to securely store information within Oman’s borders is aligned with the MTCIT’s commitment to providing efficient digital systems and solutions as set out in the four-track digital transformation programme we announced last year. We believe that this step will inspire new public and private sector agendas related to digital transformation. In addition, the adoption of cloud computing, along with the utilisation of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, is expected to ignite innovation among Omani entities.

With the utilisation of cloud computing, OQ stands to harness the advantages offered by SAP S/4HANA ERP. This transformative solution offers a host of benefits, including increased efficiency, comprehensive visibility across operations, and greater control. By streamlining and automating routine business tasks, this software solution speeds up decision-making and better positions businesses to take advantage of emerging market trends and opportunities.

Maryam Al Shaibani expressed her views on the partnership, stating, "As OQ becomes SAP International's first partner in Oman through this agreement, it will instil confidence in the transition of Omani companies to cloud systems. This will not only enhance the quality of data retention but also accelerate the digital transformation process within the Sultanate of Oman. Additionally, it will foster the development of competent national talents across various technological fields, aligning with the objectives of Oman Vision 2040 in the realm of digital transformation.”

“Continuing to drive OQ's growth and diversification of operations has motivated OQ to have an integrated, flexible and scalable system that suits future needs and is in line with specialised best practices,” she added.

She concluded by saying, “Cloud computing will enable us to take advantage of the latest technological advances such as artificial intelligence, support our Sustainable Development Goals and maintain sufficient flexibility to continue our growth journey. Recognising the rapid expansion in the field of IT, there are countless opportunities to enrich the ways we work, innovate and collaborate, all made possible through cloud-based solutions.”

In alignment with the nation's digital transformation, OQ and SAP are actively seeking collaboration with the MTCIT to foster the development of emerging talent. Together, they intend to provide comprehensive training to Omani nationals through various in-country, global, and virtual programs, encompassing technology, business, and behavioural skills. One noteworthy initiative is the SAP Young Professionals Programme in Oman, which has already trained 140 university graduates in core and emerging technologies. Furthermore, a new platform designed by SAP will be introduced to support job seekers and freelancers, effectively bridging the gap between supply and demand for full-time and freelance opportunities.

Commenting on SAP’s investment in cloud and skills development in Oman, Alaa Jaber, Managing Director for SAP Fast Growth Markets, said, "Oman is a significant market for SAP as it is widely recognised for its commitment to digitalisation. The new data centre will enable forward-thinking businesses, such as OQ, to develop and enhance their operations with the latest SAP solutions and improve efficiencies, while reducing total cost of ownership.”

Jaber further highlighted that Omani businesses have the opportunity to expedite their transition to the private cloud, unlocking the numerous advantages of cloud computing, “With our RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP offering, businesses of all sizes can migrate to the cloud, starting from wherever they are, and realise immediate benefits. Cloud-based solutions play a pivotal role in future-proofing businesses, as they provide a platform for SAP to deliver ongoing innovation while ensuring security, compliance, and scalability.  It is through the immense scale and power of cloud technology that groundbreaking advancements like Generative AI become attainable.”

The SAP Data Centre is ready for immediate use by businesses who wish to adopt SAP cloud solutions or existing cloud computing clients who wish to transfer their information to be hosted within Oman. The versatility of the Data Centre extends across various industries, including but not limited to oil and energy, education, higher education, healthcare facilities, local businesses, and other entities handling confidential information that requires strict adherence to data privacy regulations within the Sultanate. The data centre provides a trusted and secure environment that prioritises the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data, allowing these organisations to fully leverage cloud computing while complying with local regulations and safeguarding their valuable information.