Workshop organised on role of UN agencies in Oman

Oman Monday 19/June/2023 16:28 PM
By: Times News Service
Workshop organised on role of UN agencies in Oman
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Muscat: The Omani Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has organised a workshop on the role of United Nations (UN) agencies in the Sultanate of Oman.

The OHRC, in cooperation with a number of UN agencies working in the Sultanate of Oman, organised a workshop to introduce the committee and its competencies, as well as identify the role, tasks and work of the agencies of the UN organisations and build bridges of cooperation with them. This was done with the participation of a number of specialists in the commission and representatives of civil society associations, including the Children’s Association and the Association of Children with Disabilities.

The seminar dealt with a number of axes, including introducing the commission and its activities at the national and international levels and the existing cooperation with UN mechanisms.

Additionally, the role of the United Nations Population Fund was also reviewed. The UNICEF office and its roles in the field of children's rights were also introduced.

The workshop also reviewed the role of UNESCO in supporting literacy projects, science programs, and cultural and historical projects, in addition to the role of the Agriculture and Nutrition Organisation (FAO) and its efforts in helping countries achieve food security.

This comes out of the spirit of the Omani Human Rights Commission's endeavor to expand channels of cooperation and build relationships with all mechanisms related to the work of the commission, and to exchange ideas and information to crystallise a clear vision of the framework for action in the field of protection of human rights, and extract appropriate ideas for capacity building, in addition to improving reports and opening a window to see developments related to human rights issues.