Dhofar University student creates 'smart stick' for visually impaired
April 9, 2018 | 8:55 PM
by Times News Service
The device, Noor explained, comes equipped with sensors, a SIM card, and a GPS system.

Muscat: Noor Al Shehri, an engineering student from Dhofar University, has created a ‘smart stick’ for the blind.

The device, Noor explained, comes equipped with sensors, a SIM card, and a GPS system.

Explaining how it works, Noor said, “The stick contains a SIM card, which is a very important part of the design. It helps the user communicate with family and friends, and they can keep track of the person when he uses the stick, as it is equipped with a GPS that determines his location.”

The idea behind this invention was simple, Noor said, “I chose the ‘smart stick’ project for the blind because it will help them live free and safe, without the fear of obstacles that they face in their daily lives.”

The project took four months to complete, and Noor had to go through a number of stages before she was able to create this stick.

“The project went through several stages. First, I read many articles on this subject and consulted people with good experience in the field of engineering. Then we identified the appropriate tools and means through which the project could be executed,” Noor said.

“For the design of the electric connection, we used the Proteus programme to draw electrical circuits, and we used the Arduino programme to write codes that were assigned to each instrument in the project.

“After that, I started the installation process. But I had to test all the pieces before assembling them, to make sure that they worked well with the stick, so that the device worked as required.”

Noor has big plans for the ‘smart stick’. “I participated in the Basmah Letammauz exhibition in Salalah, to present my ‘smart stick’, and several visitors and companies liked the idea and asked me to produce it. However, for now I plan to improve my project and find a company which can manufacture the stick in large quantities, so more people can benefit from it,” added Noor.

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