Oman's Botanic Garden to become a tourist hotspot

Oman Monday 29/May/2023 20:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's Botanic Garden to become a tourist hotspot

MUSCAT: Oman Botanic Garden is expected to be one of the major tourist attractions in the near future. With the world-class project nearing completion, Muscat Municipality is committed to ensure easy access to the site, which is nearly 35km from Muscat.

In a press statement on Monday, Muscat Municipality said that they would be constructing a dual carriageway from the Muscat Expressway to Oman Botanic Garden, located in Al Khoudh area, that will comply with top-class safety standards.

Presently, there is a single road starting from the Muscat Expressway to the old Al Khoudh area, which is prone to landslides and overflowing wadis.

The new road will be built with high engineering and safety standards to protect it from extreme weather conditions, apart from ensuring easy access to the Oman Botanic Garden.

The 14km road will have a width of 3,651m on each side and will have an 800m walkway adjacent to the road on both sides. A drainage system will also be constructed along the road.

Oman Botanic Garden will showcase eight habitats of Oman and is spread across 420 hectares making it among the largest botanic gardens in the world.

First phase

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism will open the first phase of Oman Botanic Garden by the end of 2023.

The Oman Botanic Garden will allow visitors to experience the vegetation of Oman while learning about the agricultural heritage, rich cultural traditions, and legendary hospitality of the country.

The garden will include cable cars, nurseries, visitor centre, research centre, field study centre, habitat gardens, habitat pavilions, amenity areas, play areas, and family zones for fun and relaxation in a garden setting that is unique to Oman.