Drivers say Oman’s roads are of international standards
March 28, 2018 | 7:03 PM
by Times News Service
Omani roads are excellent and it's all well connected.

#ReadersResponse: Drivers in Oman have been blessed with clean roads that not only elevate the driving experience, but also ensure safety. The infrastructure system in the country has been developed to accommodate traffic needs, while ensuring the creation of some of the finest roads, from Musandam to Salalah.

This week, our readers share their thoughts on how the roads inspire them and keep them safe. Nishad K. Nair praised the infrastructure and likened it to that of international standards. “Omani roads are the benchmark for other countries,” he said.

“Omani roads are excellent, and the best part is that His Majesty has made sure there are roads in every corner of Oman, which connect well,” said Shaikh Abdulaziz, adding that “Oman is very big, with mountains, which makes it difficult to build roads and is also expensive.” Hany Fouad seconds that by saying: “I have visited Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and the Vatican in Europe, Egypt in Africa, Bahrain, and the UAE. I live in Oman and there is nothing better than the roads of Oman.”

Harish Bala is another expat who has driven in other countries, and believes the Sultanate’s roads are par excellence.

“The highways are a delight to drive on and many are on scenic routes. You will rarely find rough patches. They are very well maintained and lots of new highways are being opened,” said Bala. “Buy a nice car and go for a long drive on Oman’s wonderful roads,” he added.

Another thing that fascinates our readers is how far Oman has come in bettering its infrastructure, especially in recent years with the development of new networks. “I have been driving for 30 years now and the change is significant,” said Arun Sripathi.

Some folks have become attached to their favourite routes. Ashis Kumar Jain loves the Quriyat-Sur way, which “is the most scenic road I have come across”.

Deserti Robin, meanwhile, is fond of his long drive along the Sinaw-Mahout route, and is eagerly waiting for the Adam-Haima double lane.

Vinesh Mandalia’s favourite route is one that has been a huge success in easing traffic in Muscat. “I love to drive on Oman’s roads, especially the ones which involve a long drive. Muscat Expressway is a good road. And a new feather in Oman roads’ cap is the Batinah Expressway,” said Mandalia.

Though the majority is pleased with the infrastructure, there are a few who spotted issues that call for serious solutions.

“The only problem is in the design. They did not consider the rain, or drainage on the roads to make them safer,” said Shahbaz Hussain, an engineer.

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