Here’s how you can win this OMR14,000 Australia-Arab Grant
March 21, 2018 | 4:04 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: Citizens and expats of Oman have until April 4 to submit applications for the Australia-Arab grant.

The grant was established by the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) in partnership with the Government of Australia to enhance the land down under's economic, cultural and social relations with the Arab world.

The grant offers a total of $409,500 AUD in funding, with grant applications for a minimum of $10,000 AUD or a maximum of $50,000 AUD (or OMR 14,814) being considered. However, applications are assessed based on the likely benefits they will bring rather than the amount requested as successful CAAR projects have clear outcomes, and benefits are spread a widely as possible. These lead to greater mutual understanding and cooperation between Australia and the Arab world, on an individual or institutional level.

Speaking exclusively to the Times of Oman, Susan Rae, Chairman of the Australian Business Group Oman, said, "I would like to see an Omani individual or group become the recipient of this grant. It’s an excellent way to foster communication and friendship between our countries.”

Applications must be submitted using the CAAR online funding Application Form through SmartyGrants. Applications sent by email or other means will not be accepted.

Proposals should be well thought out and ready to be implemented and completed within a 12-month period. You should have, at least, in principle support from the organisation or people you identify as being your project partners in your application, and project counterparts (overseas) should be well-briefed about the project and their role in it. It is useful to include written support from your project partner/s with the application.

Applicants that rely on ‘approaching’ partners only once they are successful do not stand a good chance of being supported by the CAAR.

Prospective applicants are required to fill out a form on the CAAR's official website and submit a proposal for a project that aims to enhance Australia-Arab relations. Applications must demonstrate relevance to one or more of the CAAR's strategic objectives. The council's list of objective's include empowering the people of Australia and the Arab world to develop a holistic and contemporary mutual understanding; supporting positive and collaborative relationships between Australia's Arab diaspora communities and the broader Australian community; and supporting activities that encourage increased trade and investment between the two regions. Only projects that support the aforementioned three objectives will be considered. In addition, proposals must either serve a CAAR Flagship Programme and/or address a CAAR Priority Sector.

CAAR Flagship Programmes include Women in Leadership, Canberra University's Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange, and Swinburne University of Technology Foreign Correspondent Study Tour among others.

Applicants can fill out the form and submit their projects by heading to:

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