Oman weather: Tips to stay cool this summer

Lifestyle Wednesday 13/July/2016 13:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman weather: Tips to stay cool this summer

5 Ways to stay cool this summer

With the magical season of Ramadan concluding, getting back to the daily norm may not particularly be as exciting to some who have the explorer spirit.
The summer season is here and those looking for a getaway need not get deterred by the heat, as the best way to deal with the summer heat is to find fun ways to deal with it!

Here are 5 fun ways to get away from the heat and enjoy your summer in Oman!

1- The Mountains

There are many spectacular mountains in the Sultanate, Jabel Akhdar and Jabel Shams are the most popular, but mountains off the coast of Musandam like Jabel Hareem also have that wonderful trait that mountains in Oman have, they are much cooler than the towns below them.

Jabel Akhdar is a particularly attractive destination this summer, as its not only around 15 degrees cooler than the towns and the capital, but it also has a rich harvest season in summer.
Throughout July to September, you can see the fresh harvests of pomegranate, peaches, grapes, figs, pears, walnuts, almonds and apples!

2- The Beaches

A cool dip in the water is a perfect way to wash away the summer heat. There are many spectacular beaches along the coast of the Sultanate. The waters around the coastline blend the brilliant greens and blues and bring in the most beautiful and versatile marine life. The waters are temperate and pleasant, especially the areas around the eastern side of Oman like Sur and Ashkhara.

One of the most popular areas to escape the summer is Masairah Island, with a multitude of water sport activities like kitesurfing, fishing and scuba diving available, Masairah Island has made a name for itself as one of the best watersport playgrounds in the Sultanate.

3- The Wadis

If the open waters and coasts don’t satisfy your need for a cool swim, then the Wadis surely will. The Wadis in Oman are often surrounded by green farms that cool down the whole area and provide a comforting shade ideal for picnics. The waters of the Wadis often pass through rocks that have been shaded from the sun, cooling the water in the process, which makes the waters of the Wadis particularly attractive to swim in, especially in summer.

If you are looking for a wadi to enjoy while not venturing too far from Muscat, then look no further than Wadi Ad Dayqah. The pools of water glisten against the majestic background of the mountains, and the waters of the Wadi are plentiful all year round.

4- Agricultural Villages

Agricultural villages are spread all across the Sultanate, producing delicious produce and providing magnificent touristicattractions. The villages are often much cooler than anywhere else due to their location, availability of running ground water and the shade and cool air provided by the trees.

Recently, Wikan village came into the spotlight, and for good reason. The gorgeous village is a saturation of green colors and is the ideal place to take your camera.
Another village is also known for its picturesque views and tantalizing produce, BiladSayt showcases the traditional Omani culture in one of the most photogenic locations in the Sultanate.
5- Salalah

With the Monsoon (Khareef) season arriving in Salalah, the temperature is in its perfect range of 20’s and the landscapes are covered with gorgeous greens.
Salalah’sKareef season is celebrated with many activities, cultural experiences and natural attractions.
You can see the beautiful landscapes on the Taqah Plateau near the city of Taqah or heat to the “well of birds” sinkhole, TawiAttair is one of the largest sinkholes in the world and its greens attract a multitude of bird species that perfectly pose for the camera.

Salalah has a unique cultural offering with spectacular ruins located at Samahram and archeological marvels Al Baleed archeological park.

Whether you are looking for adventure, serenity or culture, Salalah has the perfect mix to enjoy while staying cool.