Traditional items on show at Muttrah Heritage Festival
March 17, 2018 | 10:23 PM
by ONA

Muttrah: Muttrah Heritage Festival, organised from 14 to 28 March at Riyam Park, continued its activities with the participation of entrepreneurs and craftsmen specialised in items of traditional heritage from within the Wilayat of Muttrah and families promoting and marketing their own products.

The Festival provides outlets and marketing opportunities for families and craftsmen and sheds light on traditional crafts.

It also showcases the skills of the participants and their handicrafts. the Festival has seen the participation of sellers of honey, agricultural products (production and processing of dates), cosmetics items, perfumes, frankincense, dairy products among other products.

There is also a traditional coffee shop at the Park which depicts the popular coffee shops once common in the Sultanate. The coffee shop serves famous traditional food and dishes.

The activities also comprised, for the first time in Oman’s festivals, drawing on Al Badan traditional boats with the participation of 20 Omani artists and ten artists from outside the


A charity auction, to be organised by Dar Al Atta’a Association, would also be held at the conclusion of the festival, for the purpose of maintenance and construction of houses in the wilayat of Muttrah in cooperation with the Office of the Wali of Muttrah.

A number of communities in the Sultanate are also participating in the festival.

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