Over 211 prisoners will be released as a part of Fak Kurba initiative

T TV Monday 10/April/2023 20:06 PM
By: Times TV

Bank Muscat contributes to the release of 211 prisoners as part of the "Fak Kurbah" Initiative. This is for the 6th year in a row that such a contribution is being made towards this cause. Bank Muscat provides financial support to the "Fak Kurba" initiative adopted by the Omani Lawyers Association to release 211 prisoners who have detention orders as a result of financial claims. Previously, the initiative announced that the Ibri Charity Team contributed to the release of a number of detainees within the‬ humanitarian initiative of the state court. Fak kurba stated, “We highly appreciate their support and donation in order to restore hope to the imprisoned and their families during Ramadan‬ and as Eid Al-Fitr approaches.”