Ramadan Special – Traditional Omani Dishes

Lifestyle Friday 24/March/2023 20:30 PM
By: Firdaus Noorain
Ramadan Special – Traditional Omani Dishes

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered to be the holiest month by Muslims all around the globe. Ramadan is special in many ways as Muslims set out on a spiritual journey during this month through praying and fasting.

The Suhoor (start of the fast) and Iftar (breaking of fast) include dates across the Arab countries. Dates contain all the required Vitamins and minerals to keep the body hydrated throughout the day during fasting.

Oman has retained a huge part of its food heritage, specially during the Ramadan practices.

Omani delicacies are often a mixed fusion of spices with herbs and varieties of marinades. But the level of spices is much milder compared to other Arabian peninsulas.

I bring to you a glimpse into the traditional way of cooking food during Ramadan, specially as followed in Oman during the 1960s.

The most relished food during the olden days of Oman back in the 1960’s was the chicken or lamb rice cooked with fresh saffron strands and seasoned with ingredients like zaa’tar, ginger and nutmeg.

My Omani friends shared simple recipe of the Dry Fish salad prepared as a pre-Ramadan dish by their grandmothers. Sun-dried small fish, Qhasha were softened by kneading with hands to remove any rawness. The fish was added to freshly chopped onions, radish and spinach. After sprinkling lemon juice over with some olive oil and the tasty dish was good to be served for iftar. This method reminds me of how the Turkish make the Kebabs with ground meat.

I will bring you more traditional Ramadan recipes from around the world in my upcoming articles. Ramadan is a time of not just fasting but also feasting with family and friends.

Firdaus Noorain is a food vlogger, entrepreneur, food columnist and recipe creator by hobby and Managing Director of Bake'In by profession.