Welcome Ramadan: Make mindful changes in your routine

T-Mag Wednesday 22/March/2023 19:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Welcome Ramadan: Make mindful changes in your routine

The holy month of Ramadan commences with a spiritual zeal spread across the whole nation. Though it's the time of giving and staying humble in prayer, sometimes one may struggle during the initial phase of fasting before the body gets used to the daily routine. With all the changes to the eating and sleeping habits combined with the searing outdoor heat, staying fit during Ramadan can prove to be a task.
   Some people might engage in planning way ahead in order to stay healthy and hassle-free during this holy fast. One doesn't have to choose between their physical health and spiritual health, you can take care of both with a few mindful changes in your routine.
So, for those who could really make use of some tricks to survive the fasting phase, here are some useful hacks to not feel drained this Ramadan:
Don't ever skip suhoor
 Similar to breakfast in our daily routine, suhoor, which is a pre-dawn meal during Ramadan, is the most vital part of the day. If one will be fasting till the sunset, they need the energy to carry them through the day.
Energizing yourself with a wholesome suhoor would not only get you ready for the day but will also make sure that your energy levels don't fall. Hence, no matter how tired or sleep-deprived you are, it is vital that you set up your alarm at least 40-50 minutes before Fajr to enable yourself to wake up on time, prepare the meal, freshen up and enjoy it in utmost peace.
A power nap goes a long way
 Overall wellness of the body is built on the foundations of sufficient sleep. Hence, one of the key factors of staying fit during fasting is catching up on that lost sleep with a 20-minute power nap during the day. It is also important to note that these short naps should not be confused with long sleep because that makes the body more lethargic, which would in turn prevent you from staying productive throughout the day.

Stay hydrated and avoid the sun
 One of the most crucial parts of fasting during Ramadan is to avoid dehydration while you fast. Gulp down as much fluid as possible during suhoor as well as iftar. You can make it more interesting with fresh juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and other similar drinks.
 Coffee, tea, or sugar-loaded aerated drinks should be avoided as they might actually lead to increased thirst and ultimately dehydration. To stay in shape during fasting, it is also advisable to stay out of direct sunlight and spend most of the day in cool places while avoiding strenuous exercise.

Avoid overeating during iftar
 After a whole day of total deprivation, there is bound to be a strong temptation to overindulge at iftar, which may lead to lethargy, stomach cramps, and digestive disorders. Mindful eating is not just about watching what you eat but about watching how much you eat. A simple hack to avoid hunger pangs is to consume foods that take longer to digest during iftar. This helps the body to go on for longer hours.During Ramadan, it is also important to avoid empty calories and junk food and to ensure that each meal includes healthy portions of protein and dairy products.

Engage in chores or take up a course
Though it is important to consume energy while fasting, that doesn't mean you can't work around a little. Our body has a need to maintain its energy levels and resting all day with no work can bring down those levels. Doing your daily household chores will maintain those levels while not taking a toll on the body. If there is nothing to do, then you can participate in a course of your choice or take up a new hobby. This will not just divert the mind off fasting but will also help in gaining a chunk of intellectual experience.
These were some useful hacks that can be easily integrated into your daily routine while fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.