12 people killed after magnitude 6.8 quake hits Ecuador

World Sunday 19/March/2023 10:30 AM
12 people killed after magnitude 6.8 quake hits Ecuador

Quito: After the 6.8 magnitude quake hit southern Ecuador on Saturday afternoon, leaving at least 12 people dead, CNN reported citing government officials.

"Notable quake, preliminary info: M 6.7 - 6 km NNE of Balao, Ecuador," United States Geological Survey Earthquake tweeted. According to Ecuador's communications department for President, 11 people were killed in the province of El Oro and one person died in the province of Azuay.

In an earlier statement, authorities said the person in Azuay was killed when a wall collapsed onto a car and that at least three of the victims in El Oro died when a security camera tower came down, reported CNN.

People who were injured were being treated at hospitals, the Presidency added, but did not provide further details.

The USGS gave the tremor an "orange alert", saying "significant casualties are likely and the disaster is potentially widespread."

"Past events with this alert level have required a regional or national level response," the USGS added. It also estimated damage and economic losses were possible, as per the report in CNN.