"Burhan" An achievement for Public Prosecution

Oman Thursday 02/February/2023 15:47 PM
By: Times News Service
"Burhan" An achievement for Public Prosecution
The system is a quantum leap for the Public Prosecution.

Muscat: In an exclusive interview for “Ma’a Shabiba” show on Shabiba FM, the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Maysa Zahran Al-Ruqaishi, said that one of the goals and priorities of Oman Vision 2040 is to have a specialized judiciary that employs future technologies.

“From this standpoint, and in an effort to keep pace with technological development and achieve the goals of Oman Vision 2040, the Public Prosecution launched the “Burhan” system , on 6 November 2022, which provides the advantage of remote visual investigation,” Maysa Al-Ruqaishi said.

The system is a quantum leap for the Public Prosecution. Investigation takes place in a closed video room that includes several parties from different geographical locations, such as the victim, witnesses, a member of the Public Prosecution, the investigator, and the secretary,” she added.

She said that the idea of employing technology in this aspect has many motives, the most important of which is the simplification of procedures for the parties without the need to be personally present at the Public Prosecution headquarters, saving time for all parties.

Maysa Al-Ruqaishi revealed to Al Shabiba that the number of investigations carried out by the "Burhan" system has reached 60,971 since its launch in November 2022.