OMR 12 Million collected by Public Prosecution; Here is how it will be spent

Oman Thursday 02/February/2023 14:31 PM
By: Times News Service
OMR 12 Million collected by Public Prosecution; Here is how it will be spent

Muscat: The Public Prosecutor in Oman had revealed during its annual conference the size of the sums of money it collected during the past year 2022, which amounted to 12,418,971 OMR.  The Assistant Public Prosecutor, Maysa Zahran Al-Ruqaishi, said that the money thus collected is included in what is known as the “Public Right”. She was talking in an exclusive interview for “Ma’a Shabiba” show on Shabiba FM ( our Arabic language FM station). 

As stated in the law, the Public Right is the right of the entire society from the criminal and not the right of the victim alone.

She explained that it is a right required by the state because the perpetrator, by committing his/her crime, has disturbed the stability, security, and safety of the entire society. Therefore, the state, which represents the entire society, imposes a punishment on the perpetrator. Thus, this right is realized from the perpetrator, even if the victim waives his/her personal right arising from the crime committed against him/her by the offender.

“The sums received from the public right may be a result of the fines stipulated by the law and implemented by the Public Prosecution after the issuance of a judicial ruling against the perpetrator or the property of the perpetrator for which a court ruling was issued regarding its confiscation,” The Assistant Public Prosecutor said.

“The proceeds of the declared amounts are the result of the judgments issued by the competent courts. There is a general right that the state deserves, and therefore all these amounts are included in the state treasury,” she concluded.