Rains lash Muscat on Friday evening

Oman Friday 27/January/2023 19:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Rains lash Muscat on Friday evening

Muscat: As per the forecast of Oman Meteorology, intermittent rains of moderate intensity lashed Muscat on Friday evening further bringing down the temperature.

The sky was overcast since early morning with slight showers recorded for brief moments during the day.

Many evening walkers were totally caught unawares and had to run for cover under the trees but many could not save themselves and were totally drenched.

Some water-logging were seen on many roads with motorists driving slowly and keeping a safe distance from the cars in their front.

The Civil Aviation Authority has advised all to take precautions during rainfall and overflow of valleys, and to check the visibility and sea state before sailing along with following weather bulletins & reports.