Volunteers share roses, food and smiles on Oman roads

Home & Away Sunday 03/July/2016 20:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Volunteers share roses, food and smiles on Oman roads

Muscat: Near the traffic lights at Al Azaiba, 18th November Street, you would see tens of volunteers handing roses and food boxes to passing motorists during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Children, adults and senior citizens express their love to all people by giving them natural white roses, Iftar meals and most importantly, smiles.
Out of the 44 men and women who joined Fahaddath (to express) group, the oldest volunteer is 76 year old, who works, along with his son and little grandson to spread the message of peace on Muscat roads.
The youngest volunteer is Mohammed Al Lawati, only five years old.
According to Shaker Al Raisi, a member of the group, more than 2,400 meals and roses have been distributed since the beginning of the campaign in 14th of Ramadan.
He said the initiative was kicked off last year following the political tension in the region, to spread love and tenderness among all people, despite their nationality, race or religion.
“Humanity comes before everything. Fahaddath’s message is to make us human beings, celebrate our similarities, and turn a blind eye to our differences,” Al Raisi said.
While many volunteer groups in Oman make sure to provide food everywhere during the holy month, Fahaddath makes sure to involve people with physical challenges, Down Syndrome patients and children in their activities.
“We have more than 12 kids who are less than 10 year old,” Shaker said, adding that children have a powerful emotional impact on drivers who share moments of joy with the little ones.
The Iftar boxes include fried snacks like samosas, katchori, dates, laban and juices.
“The social media played a vital role in attracting more youngsters to join our campaign,” Al Raisi said.