Labour Ministry launches official version of Ejada performance scheme

Oman Sunday 01/January/2023 21:03 PM
Labour Ministry launches official version of Ejada performance scheme

Muscat: The Ministry of Labour on Sunday launched Ejada scheme of measuring institutional performance.

The system is aimed at providing appropriate instruments for developing the performance of government units and providing an instructional guide and standardised criteria for gauging the progress made by the units in achieving their goals.

Ejada scheme also seeks to spread a culture of proficiency, improve knowledge about the best ways to improve the quality of public services, reward distinguished performance and promote the spirit of innovation and creativity in all government units.

The ceremony was held under the auspices of Dr. Mahad Said Ba’Owain, Minister of Labour. Ejada is envisaged as a means of realising the objectives of annual plans and ensuring the sustainability of the units in their drive to identify aspects of improvement and strengths in the unit.

Through Ejada, three questionnaires will be launched to monitor the extent to which government institutions strive to development the work environment, the satisfaction of service recipients and the level of cooperation among government units.

By this week, Ejada would have been fully implemented in all government units.