Heavy rains across Muscat Governorate

Oman Tuesday 27/December/2022 08:20 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat:  The Governorate of Muscat is witnessing isolated thunderstorms of varying intensity due to the trough of low pressure that affected the Sultanate of Oman from Monday till Wednesday.

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"Muscat governorate is witnessing rains of varying intensity due to low pressure leading to overflow of wadis. Please pay attention to the weather bulletin and take caution," Oman Meterology said in a statement.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) warned of a breakdown of some traffic lights in some wilayats of the Governorate of Muscat as a result of rains of varying intensity with the presence of water bodies in different places. ROP urged people  to be careful and follow safety instructions and safe driving.

ROP  adviced people in rainy conditions to leave a sufficient safety distance between their vehicles and the one in front of them  when using the brakes to prevent sliding.

The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA), urged the residents of Muscat Governorate to take caution and stay away from low-lying sites as a result of the thunderstorms that the governorate is witnessing.

Oman Meteorology said  previously in its weather report No.2 which issued on Sunday, December 25,2022 that trough of new low pressure to affect the atmosphere of the Sultanate of Oman starting gradually Monday afternoon and will continue until Wednesday. The trough will be associated with clouds advection and chances of different intensities thunderstorms over Govemorates of Musandam , North Al Batinah, South Al Batinah, Al Buraimi, Al Dakhiliyah, Muscat, Al Dhahirah, North Al Sharqiyah and South Al Sharqiyah.