Try jet skiing in Oman
December 13, 2017 | 6:00 PM
by Shruthi Nair

man’s waterbodies are just so dynamic in nature that even after 23 years of knowing and experiencing it, it never fails to amuse me. Sometimes its so calm and peaceful that it feels like meditation, some other times it’s just romantically serene that you’d just want to walk by the shore with a partner and then there are times when it is the ultimate place for some adrenaline rush boosting activities.

One weekend I was at the Wave visiting a friend, who was taking us around the walk and the mall and finally the gorgeous marina that had a number of yachts of different sizes docked peacefully. However, when we moved further ahead is when we saw some thrilling action taking place. Immediately we got ourselves a jet ski session booked.

At about 4 in the afternoon, we watched the sun’s rays bounce off the calm marina waters, perched on our jet skis waiting for our instructor to tell us how to use this machine we were all anxiously sitting on. He came and gave us a quick set of instructions, showed us a few hand signs to use because we wouldn’t be able to hear each other due to the engine noise and asked us to follow him. We did, initially without accelerating in the shallow area and letting the current draw us forward and once we reached the open ocean, we were allowed to go wild. These jets could go upto 90km/hr and I didn’t know it could. So when I accelerated first, the jerk I felt blew the living daylights out of me.

Slowly I started getting a hang of it and took off patiently feeling the cool sea breeze against my hair and skin while softly bouncing up and down on my seat every time the ski hit the wave. Slowly as I gained confidence and got comfortable I started increasing the speed and completed one full horizontal stretch at a consistent pace. And man, that was the most liberating feeling ever. It felt like I was flying and I was in complete control. The salt water would splash on my face, the wind would blow my hair, and I would move vigorously but everything just felt right and supremely exciting.

The 20 minutes I was on the jet ski, I forgot about work and stress and everything that was worldly and got lost in this alternative universe with just the blue of the ocean and sky around. It is weird how I found peace doing an adventure sport; while my mind was calm, my entire body (hands, legs, torso, and everything) was working to control the ski and it did feel like a fruitful full body workout.

I was so pumped up after finishing my first ever jet ski session that I started enquiring about membership and weekly sessions as soon as I got off. Trust me, once you try this out you would want to go back again. — [email protected]

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