Omani develops smart and safe incense burner
November 25, 2017 | 8:33 PM
by Times News Service
The Teeb Incense Burner developed by Khalid Al Harthy has smoke filtering and diffusion, self cleaning and storage systems besides many other innovative features. Photo-Supplied

Muscat: Omani innovator Khalid Al Harthy, has invented a smart incense burner, the first of its kind, which has provided a safe and comfortable solution for consumers.

Called Teeb Incense Burner, it is fully safe, of high quality and does not trigger fire even if it falls down.

“Through my products, I aim to provide comfort to people’s life and contribute to providing solutions to the various problems faced by the community,” Al Harthy said.

Al Harthy began his attempts to manufacture the product in 2012, and following several failed attempts, he finally succeeded in his efforts and patented the product. Some 2,000 pieces of it will be in the market by the beginning of next year.

“Teeb saves time, effort and money, and produces the best smell of incense. The consumer can use it at home, mosque, office or anywhere,” explained the 25-year-old. “It is fully safe, of high quality, eco-friendly and it does not need charcoal or gas; it has an incense storage system, smoke filtering and diffusion system, attractive design and self-cleaning system that collects the burnt incense in a special container.

“One of the advantages of Teeb Incense Burner is that it operates automatically without human intervention, and has three different timing settings, such as quick use, intervals and fixed time,” Al Harthy stressed.

“There are many incense makers in my area. When I introduced my innovation, I became their customer. Many of them are selling all their incense to me. So, I sell it back to my customers, and they became my incense suppliers. In addition to this, many incense shops in the region started to sell incense that are suitable for my product.

“People have began to pay the value of the burner before it reached the market, and that is proof the society needed an innovation such as the Teeb Incense Burner,” Al Harthy remarked.

This innovation was under the supervision of the research council in Oman, and it has been developed by one of the best R&D agency in Asia.

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