OTE Group to highlight renewable energy and mobility solutions at Oman Sustainability Week

Roundup Sunday 28/April/2024 18:29 PM
By: Times News Service
OTE Group to highlight renewable energy and mobility solutions at Oman Sustainability Week

Muscat: OTE Group’s participation in the upcoming Oman Sustainability Week 2024 marks a significant stride towards promoting sustainable energy solutions in the region.

With a focus on showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of Solar Power Solutions and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging solutions through its Renewables Business Vertical. OTE Renewables aims to educate the public about the benefits of these technologies for a sustainable future.

OTE Renewables offers high-quality solar panels and customised solar units designed to meet specific energy needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for investments. Their commitment extends beyond installation, providing ongoing maintenance and support to maximise efficiency.

Additionally, OTE Renewables is pioneering EV adoption in Oman with a range of cutting-edge EV charging solutions for corporate clients, partnering with Siemens to offer advanced, future-proof chargers.

OTE Renewables has success track of delivering Solar EPC projects & EV charging solutions within Oman. Owners of factories, warehouses and workshops can use this opportunity to adopt Solar and reduce their monthly bills & reduce carbon footprint at the same time.  

By participating in Oman Sustainability Week, OTE Group demonstrates its dedication to Oman Vision 2040 and collaboration with industry leaders to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Individuals and businesses interested in integrating solar power and EV charging into their lives can explore OTE Renewables’ offerings and expertise by visiting the OSW pavilion and meet the experts or contact through the website: www.otesolar.com