Take necessary precautions when using water heater, advises MEDC

Oman Monday 17/October/2022 14:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Take necessary precautions when using water heater, advises MEDC
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Muscat: The Muscat Electricity Distribution Company(MEDC) has urged people to take precautions when using the electric water heater. 

"Within the framework of the interest that the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company attaches to its subscribers and in the interest of their safety and the safety of their families, the company has alerted all its subscribers regarding the precautions to be taken when using the electric heater, " MEDC said in a statement. 

The company stressed the need to close the power button before using the water, in order to avoid the occurrence of any electrical contact, and to be careful by following the correct and proper steps before using it.

One of the biggest dangers caused by the electric heater is the electrical short circuit and the failure to connect the device to the electrical grounding, which is the most important way to protect against electrocution in cases of electricity leakage in the heater, which may lead to death in some cases. Sometimes the electrical contact occurs due to improper installation that is not noticed by the user. 

Therefore one must first be careful and ensure the integrity of the electrical connections of the heater, as well as be careful to switch off the button used to operate the heater before using the water, this needs to be communicated to all family members.

The company also warned of the need to regularly check the heater, especially the thermostat, and the internal cleaning of the heater, as water in the tank for a prolonged period leads to the formation of rust and the deposition of salts, which leads to erosion of the external body, and thus causing damage to the heater. In such cases the company recommends replacing the heater and check the electrical grounding.