Delhi - Lahori Theme Nights at Sheraton Oman

Roundup Wednesday 21/September/2022 14:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Delhi - Lahori Theme Nights at Sheraton Oman

Muscat: Food that leaves you smacking your lips is great! But turns out, that discerning buffet-goers like a little added flair to the entire affair. So, when Sheraton Oman announced the Delhi-Lahori theme nights at the Courtyard Restaurant, appreciative brows were raised! Why? That’s because it meant another beautiful amalgamation of good food, the right ambiance, and pleasurable entertainment, hosted by hoteliers who value true hospitality.  

The people of both Delhi and Lahore are famous for being food lovers. The cuisine – rich, flavourful, and delectable - is a testament to that very love! The passionate chefs at Sheraton ensured that they embraced every aspect of the culture, added their own secret twists, and laid out a buffet that had everyone going for seconds (and thirds).

We let the subtle melody of the live band lead us to the Courtyard Restaurant and it was impossible to not surrender to the vibe of the evening as the glass doors opened in welcome. Whether a first-timer to this unique cuisine or a regular, the preparations are bound to leave you in awe every time. Walking to the table, you’ll be tempted to pause a couple of times to admire the kebabs being tossed, a pani-puri being filled, or a lassi being stirred. Made in traditional lagans and degchis, it’s as delightful to watch as it is to eat.

Items at the Delhi-Lahori Night include an assortment of kababs, koftas, and kormas as well as evergreen favorites like Paey Lazeez, Gosht Nihari, Chapali Kebab, Balti Fish Curry, Sindhi Biryani, and Yakhni Pulao alongside the popular Jama Masjid street dishes. Get started with a savory, tangy, and tantalizing plate of chaat, try some gurda and chicken haleem, or give in to your sweet tooth and help yourself to some jalebis, malpuas, and gulab jamuns at the Mishtan Bhandar.

If you’re feeling adventurous about food and want to indulge in a traditional, authentic, and fulfilling dining experience, then the Delhi-Lahori theme night is the place to be. It is scheduled on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. The buffet is priced at OMR 13 for adults with a 50% discount for kids below 12, while children below 6 years can dine completely free of charge.