Youth Sada in partnership with bp Oman, launches the third cycle of the ‘Habbah’ programme

Roundup Wednesday 21/September/2022 10:46 AM
By: Times News Service
Youth Sada in partnership with bp Oman, launches the third cycle of the ‘Habbah’  programme

Muscat: In partnership with bp Oman, Youth Sada launched its third cycle of the ‘Habbah’ programme, which aims to develop and enhance the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Ad’Dhahirah Governorate, targeting 15 SMEs this year.

The ‘Habbah’ programme is a well-integrated educational and training programme which includes open-to-public activities and specialised training courses as well as consultation sessions, follow-up sessions and site visits from various expertise in entrepreneurship. The participating SMEs’ performance will also be evaluated and analysed in many aspects that are focused on in this programme. This social investment programme is managed by bp and is continuously benefiting communities with the contribution of our Block 61 partners. Block 61 is operated by bp in partnership with OQ, PTTEP, and PETRONAS.

Shamsa Al-Rawahi, bp Oman Social investment manager, commented: “The programme aims to enhance and evolve local SMEs by providing them training around marketing and financial challenges, so that they can contribute towards the local market through their own initiatives. The programme also gives these young flourishing SMEs the platform to learn from experts in the entrepreneurship field on how they generate the greatest impact in the local market. We look forward to watch the growth of these SMEs through the support of this programme and in partnership with Youth Sada.”

Qais Al Maqrashi, Chief Executive Officer at Youth Sada, added: “The programme offers valuable knowledge for young entrepreneurs and young Omanis interested in entrepreneurship. We are proud that through the previous cycles of this programme, a total of 30 businesses from various sectors such as commercial, service and industrial sectors within Ad’Dhahirah Governorate participated over the years and over 1200 participants from all regions of Oman benefited from the workshops part of the programme as well. We look forward to continuing this impact with the launch of the third cycle of this programme.”