Al Rud’ha in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the “Khaleeha_Local” sessions

Roundup Monday 25/July/2022 16:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Rud’ha in partnership with bp Oman, concluded the “Khaleeha_Local” sessions

In partnership with bp Oman, Al Rud’ha concluded the “Khaleeha_Local” sessions which comes as part of the “EBDA” programme in its third cycle. The sessions aimed to promote Omani startups and SMEs, using Al Rud’ha space to showcase their products, services and expertise to the public through workshops, sessions and tutorials. Shamsa Al-Rawahi, bp Oman social investment manager, commented: “Innovation and entrepreneurship are considered as the two main pillars for business growth, and these pillars are enforced through the ‘EBDA’ programme. ‘Khaleeha Local’ sessions created great opportunities for the Omani entrepreneurs and SMEs to reach a wider set of audience, contributing to their business growth and sustainability. Through these networking sessions we were able to introduce those business to more than 250 people.”

The sessions hosted seven different businesses and SMEs, with eight mentors that presented various topics related to their products, services and expertise which included several business fields such as health and well-being, marketing, interior design, business modelling, coffee and food industry, content creation and others.

Fatma Bahwan, Chief Operating Officer at Al Rud’ha, commented: “The ‘EBDA’ programme has grown to become a flagship entrepreneurship programme We are proud that with the conclusion of this programme we were able to achieve our main goalto provide a platform for other startups and SMEs to showcase their value and encourage our community to further invest in their youth. We thank bp Oman for partnering with us on this opportunity.”

The “Khaleeha_Local” sessions ultimately came as part of the third “EBDA” social investment programme, which was an entrepreneurial capacity building programme delivered for 67 entrepreneurs, making up 25 teams, training and supporting them to turn their business ideas into business models and projects.

This was done through numerous talks, workshops and networking events that covered several topics such as business operations, administration, labour market preparation and registration, business analysis and essential skills required like teamwork and networking over the duration of eight months.