Facebook introduces new chronologically-organised tab called Feeds

Business Friday 22/July/2022 16:57 PM
Facebook introduces new chronologically-organised tab called Feeds

Washington: Facebook introduced a very significant update to its app on Friday. First off, it's long overdue and makes sense that the main feed you see when you launch the app is now named Home. The major update is the addition of a new tab in the app called Feeds.

According to GSM Arena, this tab is organized in reverse chronological order, just as what was formerly known as Home before the algorithm seized control. You may have the Feeds tab show you everything or only material from your friends, groups, pages, or favorites - this is a tailored list of the friends and pages you care about the most.

Facebook is now portraying the Home feed as "more of a discovery engine for you to uncover and follow new content and artists through recommendations." Feeds, on the other hand, is where you go "to get the material from the individuals and communities you're already associated with." In Feeds, there are no "Suggested For You" posts.

The new Home and Feeds tabs are being sent out to a select percentage of Facebook users on iOS and Android today. They should be available to everyone on Facebook within the next week, as reported by GSM Arena.

The shortcut bar that holds these tabs is located at the bottom of the Facebook app on iOS and at the top of the Facebook app on Android. The shortcut bar tabs will change dependent on whatever aspects of the program you use the most, but you may customize and pin tabs in your shortcut bar to make their location permanent if you choose.