All smiles during dental health school tour in Oman
October 12, 2017 | 1:12 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: To create more awareness on oral and dental health knowledge, Al Essa Dental Center is conducting an awareness campaign in the schools.

Through this campaign, the clinic is examining teeth and promoting the importance of oral and dental health among students of various schools.

Dr Norma Nasr, a dentist at Al Essa Dental Center, while campaigning at Sultan bin Ahmed Private School, said that this was not the first time they have conducted such a campaign.

“We do it annually, and it focuses not only on awareness of the importance of oral and teeth health, but we also examine teeth, which is the most important part. We focus during the examination on cavities and orthodontics consultation. We started with younger age groups, that is, primary school students. We implemented this campaign in several schools in the region, including the Sri Lankan school where we examined 600 students,” she said.

Dr Nasr said that the campaign focuses on the students of these ages because it is the most important age in building teeth. “The younger the child, the better it is because it is the so-called milk teeth, where there is a chance to preserve the teeth of the child in the stage of building and formation.

“During the campaign, we noticed a lack of interest by some families in the stage of milk teeth and the change of teeth, which leads to the increase of the need for orthodontic procedures at a later age,” Dr. Norma Nasr said.

She stressed the need to care for oral and dental health from childhood, by avoiding eating too much sugar and the importance of the use of toothpaste and brush before bed and in the morning.

Ahmed Al-Taweel, Principal of Sultan bin Ahmed Private School commented on the campaign saying: "We thank Al Essa Dental Center for the important role they play. They are always proactive and often touch the doors of public and private schools, including our school.”

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