With six million visitors and a new success story, the Jeddah Season 2022 concludes its activities

World Sunday 03/July/2022 22:17 PM
With six million visitors and a new success story, the Jeddah Season 2022 concludes its activities

Jeddah: The Jeddah Season 2022 concluded its activities today, after 60 days of exciting shows, programs, and activities that took place in 13 zones and event sites throughout the city. More than 6 million domestic and international tourists, representing 129 countries, attended and enjoyed more than 4,200 days of entertainment, cultural, artistic, tourism, maritime sports and other activities.

The Jeddah season, which began on May 2, has broken records at all levels. It represented the public’s satisfaction and met all the desires and tastes of different ages and nationalities. The season focused on the diversity of options, the plurality of locations and their sustainability, the localization of professions, the creation of job opportunities, and the enhancement of competitiveness and quality of life in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Young national cadres of both sexes actively participated in this year's Jeddah Season's management, operation and supervision of all its activities. The number of Saudis working during the season exceeded 80% of the total workforce, demonstrating their abilities and skills, and the season generated over 76,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities. In addition, the season featured numerous international shows, events, and experiences, some of which were held for the first time in the world, and were able to attract visitors and tourists from 129 countries.

Nawaf Ali Gummusani, Director General of Jeddah Season, noted the great successes achieved by the Jeddah Season until the last day of its activities, in which the number of visitors exceeded 6 million. He emphasized that this figure is the best evidence to this success and excellence in its events, activities, and programs that created a social, economic, and cultural movement in Jeddah and contributed to the promotion of the entertainment industry in the Kingdom, as well as it presented a new and diverse product with international specifications that won everyone's satisfaction.

Gummusani explained that entertainment has become a promising industry that stimulates the economy and drives other related industries, as seasons and entertainment events push them to maximize opportunities, attract investments, attract tourists and visitors, and provide competitive experiences. He emphasized the keenness of the season’s management on the sustainability of the events held in order to achieve the main objectives of this entertainment and tourism movement, which has made Jeddah today a global tourist destination, in a manner that enhances sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity, multiplicity of opportunities, and maximizes the economic impact. As a result, it was decided that 8 of the "13" event zones will continue to present their various offers throughout of the year in partnership with the government and private sectors. In addition to Historic Jeddah, the following zones will maintain and continue their activities throughout the year: Prince Majid Park, Jeddah Art Promenade, Jeddah Jungle, Jeddah Yacht Club, Luna Park, Juvali Park, and the Village.

On this occasion, the season's general manager expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all of the season's employees, including administrative and technical cadres, as well as those working in the service, operational and supervision aspects. In addition, he thanked the government and private sector partners of the season’s partners for their extraordinary efforts around the clock before and during the season in the preparation, preparation, organization, supervision and support. He added that their efforts painted a vivid picture of the ability of the nation’s people of both sexes to create excellence, creativity, their passion for work and their many talents. Moreover, they reflected what the leadership offered to them by supporting, educating, empowering, and motivating them to compete with the world, make a difference, and serve their country and society in every field, as well as reflect the honorable image of this country and its sons. He explained that one of the gains of the Jeddah season for this year is laying a solid foundation for future seasons. This will include the field of event sites, the working cadres, and the acquired experiences that will be used to develop the positives, and improve and address the negatives after committees and specialized teams have studied all aspects of the season from its launch to the conclusion of its activities.