ROP all set for Dhofar tourist season

Oman Saturday 02/July/2022 16:36 PM
By: Times News Service
ROP all set for Dhofar tourist season

Muscat: The Royal Oman Police is putting in all efforts to facilitate the movement of passengers through airports during the Dhofar tourist season

The General Directorate of Airport Security at the Royal Oman Police is making efforts to facilitate the movement of passengers through the Sultanate of Oman’s airports during this year’s Dhofar tourist season and to provide all support, cooperation and facilities to visitors, to ensure the safety and security of all, and to verify and upgrade all services provided to them in accordance with the standard requirements of the International Aviation Organisation Civil Aviation and the Civil Aviation Authority of Oman.

In a statement to the Oman News Agency, Brigadier Ali bin Muhammad Al-Nawfali, Director General of Airport Security, confirmed the complete readiness at Salalah Airport to accommodate the increase in the number of passengers coming to Dhofar Governorate by providing the Salalah Airport Security Department with trained manpower, in addition to providing Salalah Airport with the latest devices, technologies and new systems. The technical support team also works around the clock to deal with any emergency technical situation, follow up the work of the systems and ensure their readiness and continued performance with precision.

He added that the General Directorate of Airport Security is working to spread the security system in all civil airports in the Sultanate of Oman through workers in the various departments and sections, and among these sections is the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Control Department at Muscat International Airport, which plays a major role in combating and controlling all crimes related to drugs and psychotropic substances. Whether it is cases of smuggling by people or by shipment, as well as the Muscat International Airport Customs Department, which plays a major role in combating customs smuggling operations, whether by persons or shipments, and preventing the entry of prohibited, dangerous, adulterated and counterfeit materials that cause harm to human health and safety.

The Brigadier General, Director General of Airport Security, stated that the Customs Department at Muscat International Airport managed during the past year to seize many cases of customs smuggling and attempt to smuggle contraband and other issues related to the submission of false documents and non-disclosure of goods, advising those wishing to import any goods from abroad to communicate with the customs authorities to ensure the restrictions placed on the goods so that they are not subject to any accountability when they arrive at the airport.

Regarding the danger of receiving goods for others and bringing them into Oman without knowing their content, the Director General of Airport Security said that this is one of the wrong actions committed by some travelers in good faith and with the intention of assistance, and this behavior exposes them to legal accountability for falling into security prohibitions in the event that it is proven that these goods contain objects or things that are prohibited or dangerous that threaten security and safety.