Pixel 7 Pro's display to be brighter than 6 Pro's panel

Business Saturday 25/June/2022 07:44 AM
Pixel 7 Pro's display to be brighter than 6 Pro's panel

Washington: Google's work on adopting a new display panel for the Pixel 7 Pro, the new S6E3HC4 panel will have the same 3,120 x 1,440px resolution and 10-120Hz refresh rate. The source code included in the Android 13 betas provides a partial response to that query.

According to GSM Arena, it will be brighter on the new display panel. According to the code displayed below, the Pixel 7 Pro will enable manual brightness settings up to 600 nits, which is 100 units more than what the Pixel 6 Pro allowed.

The display's maximum brightness will increase to 1,000 nits in Auto mode from 800 nits. Note that these numbers apply to displays that are completely white (100 per cent APL). The brightness could probably reach 1,200 nits at lower APL (which is a much more typical case).

The display panel's additional features, such as support for HDR10 and HLG imagery, are also described in the source code. However, there is still no HDR10+ or a lower minimum refresh rate. However, there is a native 1080p mode that should aid in power conservation, as reported by GSM Arena.

Google has not yet announced an official launch date for the Pixel 7 series, but it will come soon as per sources.