Benefits of eating whole egg

T-Mag Wednesday 18/May/2022 18:10 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Benefits of eating whole egg

Many of us enjoy adding eggs to our daily diets, appreciating the fact that they’re nutritious, satisfying and delicious in a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Still, some people may be missing out on the full nutritional value from their eggs by leaving the yolks out of their recipes and eating just the whites. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dalina Soto shares five health benefits of eating the entire egg, including the nutrient-rich yolk.

1. Support your eye health

Studies show that egg yolks allow your body to absorb lutein, which is essential in protecting against age-related eye diseases and promoting overall eye health. By adding the whole egg into your diet and making sure your body gets a healthy amount of lutein, you can lower your risk of not only age-related eye diseases but also heart disease and cancer.

2. Boost your body’s immunity

Vitamin D is a vital component in fighting off harmful bacteria we may encounter on a day-to-day basis. Making simple swaps in your diet to incorporate foods like eggs with high amounts of Vitamin D will ensure you prioritize overall wellness and build a strong immune system.

3. Provide a natural energy boost

When life gets busy and you’re constantly on the go, it is important to eat wholesome, nutritious foods that will provide a natural boost to keep you energized throughout the day. The whole egg contains Vitamin B12 to help maintain energy, which is necessary when you are incorporating exercise into your health routine as well.

4. Support lower blood cholesterol

While some people steer clear of egg yolks in fear of raising their cholesterol, eating the whole egg actually has benefits for your heart health. Specifically, Eggs contain 25% less saturated fat compared to ordinary eggs, which can be added into any meal to promote a heart-healthy diet.

5. Promote healthy skin

Having healthy skin isn’t just about the products you use or the amount of sleep you get. To achieve skin that glows from within, you must be mindful of the foods you’re putting into your body. Vitamin E, which is found in eggs, is known to help nourish and protect the skin against aging, inflammation and sun damage.