Rishab Pant lost the game on and off the field

Opinion Sunday 24/April/2022 18:00 PM
By: Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman, Danube group
Rishab Pant lost the game on and off the field

Match number 34 between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals had lots of fireworks on and off the field.

It was lit up first by Jos Buttler who scored his third hundred of the IPL in only his seventh match of the season and then the off field drama created by Rishab Pant for a no ball which was not called by the umpire.

With 36 runs required of the last over bowled by Obed McCoy, Romvell Powell hit the first two balls of the over for two sixes and the pressure got to the bowler who bowled a waist height full toss third ball which was also dispatched over the fence by the dangerous Powell. That's where Mayhem stuck in the Delhi Capitals camp who were complaining as to why the No ball was not called and why was it not referred to the third umpire. Yes, it looked like a no ball to the naked eye and a frustrated Rishab Pant

lost his head. He first wanted to call his players back and did not want to continue the game in anger.

When that did not happen, he sends Pravin Amre, assistant coach to run on the field to question the umpires call. And in doing so all the momentum which Romvell had was lost and most importantly the bowler McCoy who was under pressure could regain his composure and bowl the next three balls coolly and win the game for his team.

At the post match presentation too, Pant went on to say that the no ball could have been precious for them. The on field umpires could have checked with the third umpire for the no ball. Pant then said, it was not in his control and he can't change the rule. Yes, my dear Pant, you can't change the rule by disrupting the game because a call went against you. You can't call the players back or send the assistant coach on the ground to fight your case. All that was under your control and could have been handled by lodging a complain after the game. You are the captain of the team and probably a future captain of team India and are setting a bad example to the youngsters and the people watching the gentlemen’s game. You totally lost it.

The BCCI can't let this off the hook and should definitely ban the captain Rishabh Pant for disrupting the game for at least one game and send out a clear message that no player is bigger than the game. Just by giving a penalty won't work which will be paid by the franchise owners and player will be let off the hook. This was not a club match nor a Ranjhi Trophy game where one can show dissent and get away with it. Even in a football game a red card is given for dissent and that the player is not allowed to play the next game and one hopes some serious action will be taken on Rishab Pant so that next time a player will think twice before disrupting the game. Cricket is a gentleman’s game but I am afraid Rishab Pant let it down with his immature actions. He not only lost the game on the field but sadly more badly off the field.