Back to school offers in Muscat
August 23, 2017 | 6:13 PM
by Shruthi Nair

It is that time of the year again. When your child cannot wake up to the afternoon sun, can’t eat, sleep, and play whenever they or their friends want, and also have to come back home and deal with this demon that they call homework. Yes, it is time for them to go back to school. For others who have already started their new term, life is all set in the daily routines of early morning alarms and loads of school work to attend to.

But school is not always about homeworks and early rise; there are a number of other things that your child could look forward to as you send them back to school; all set and ready for a new term filled with new surprises, new lessons, and new kinds of fun. Apart from this, children also get to pick up some great new school accessories during this time of the year.

Be it something funky or those which are value for money, it’s no doubt that they can attend the first day of school in style and it needn’t be an expensive affair. Heading back to school is also the time when the pressure is more on the parents more than the children who have to plan and budget in advance before buying the school supplies.

Centrepoint has something for boys, girls, toddlers, and teenagers. For little girls who are still not over the Frozen frenzy, go for the sassy bags that has Elsa and other characters from the movie on it. If your daughter is an evergreen lover of Hello Kitty, then you can go for that too. And if managing to wake up in the morning makes your son feel like a superhero, then choose the superhuman bags including Superman and Batman and unleash their superpowers. However, if you like to stay on the ground then you could even go for the Transformers and the Ferrari gear.

If you thought they have all these options just in bags, then you are mistaken. You get a complete set of stylish pencil pouches, lunch boxes, water bottle and more, and if you’re wondering how all these mundane things could look stylish and exciting, then you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

For those who are at an age where all these bold characters on their bags are just tacky, there are some funky prints on bags for the classy teenagers. You will find boho blitz patterns, flower power designs, pop expression prints for an eye-catching gear.

The range sports popular products from brands such as Hershel, Sackroots, Jworld, Jansport, Minmei, and Outsider in attractive prints and colours. And if you want your children to put their best foot forward then visit Shoemart for their wide range of black uniform shoes, white canvas sneakers, and sports shoes.

That’s not all. The back to school shopping is a breeze at City Centre Qurum too where free school bags are being given away daily as part of the mall’s promotion which will be on till August 31. Along with that at Borders children can get high-quality books of all curriculums. Options are galore; buy without hurting your wallet. [email protected]

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