Iftar around the world: Egypt

Lifestyle Monday 11/April/2022 21:41 PM
Iftar around the world: Egypt

 Iftar is usually held at the house of the family's eldest member and streets are decorated with lanterns hung on the doors of each house. Most Egyptian families break the fast with a dish prepared from foul medames which is eaten with brown bread. As beans are healthy and not heavy on the stomach hence, in most homes they are mixed with hot oil, salt and pepper, but some people prefer to cook them with onion and tomatoes.
Egyptians also make some special drinks called qamar al deenandarasyi, which is made from dry apricots that have been soaked all day. It's a delicious and healthy way to break the daylong fast. There are also traditional beverages such as  Karkade (hibiscus tea), and Tamr Hindi (tamarind).

During the holy month of Ramadan, many traditional dishes are made. These include mahshi (rice and herbs stuffed veggies), bechamel pasta, molokhia, and more. Another Ramadan speciality is the crescent-shaped bread or khaboos.