Muscat Municipality creates a walkway in Bousher

Oman Sunday 10/April/2022 13:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality creates a walkway in Bousher

Muscat Municipality is currently constructing Hay Al-Baydha walkway in Jal area in the wilayah of Bousher, which is one of the community projects aimed at exploiting local spaces and providing quality facilities that enhance the wellbeing of individuals.

The project will construct a sport walkway that is (2200) meters long and (4) meters wide, adjacent to a cycle-way also with a total length of (2200) meters, and (2.5) meters wide. The project will also pave internal streets, and create more parking lots along the walkway.
The walkway enhances the current transportation system in the neighborhood, promoting people to walk, use bicycles or scooters more.

It will also provide individuals an opportunity to increase their distance walked every day, to get rid of sedentary lifestyle and get moving. And to allow them to have more exposure to the nature around and to socialise with others.