Shahi Foods and Spices opens Oman’s first buy and mill food mart in Sohar

Business Saturday 09/April/2022 15:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Shahi Foods and Spices opens Oman’s first buy and mill food mart in Sohar

Muscat: A popular and trusted household name across the Sultanate - Shahi Foods and Spices - has recently launched its flagship food mart – ‘Mashhoor’ in Sohar, under the auspices of Shaikh Saif bin Muhanna bin Said al Hinai, Wali of Sohar.

The store is Oman’s first buy and mill food mart, that aims to elevate the grocery shopping experience in the country.

Located centrally near the Sohar Intersection, and spread over an area of 500-square-metre, Mashhoor is the result of Shahi’s continued efforts to improve customer experience in the arena of food and spices. The main factor that differentiates the food mart from others is the in-house custom milling and roasting facility.

Customers can choose from a range of top-grade Whole Spices and Whole Grains sourced by Shahi from across the world and get it milled according to their preferred consistency. Mashhoor is equipped with the latest, top of the class milling technology that has water-cooled grinders to ensure zero per cent loss in flavour and nutrients, enabling customers to get the perfect blend with its authentic aroma intact. Customers can also blend spices and grains as per their requirements.

Shahi has the Middle East’s largest coffee processing facility and produces the best kahwa blends in the region. At Mashhoor, coffee aficionados can custom roast and blend their favourite coffee. Choose from the range of top-grade coffee beans sourced by Shahi from major coffee-producing countries in the world. The store provides some of the best blends of coffee by Shahi, moreover, the beans can be roasted to the customer's preference - light roast, dark roast, extra dark roast, fine powder or coarse powder. And get it blended with spices like cardamom, saffron, cloves, and cinnamon.

Mashhoor also stores the whole range of Shahi products – spices, pulses, lentils, nuts, dates and dried fruits – premium quality meats and poultry products, confectioneries, beverages and other general grocery items.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the store, Ibrahim Mohammed Nasar Al Rawahi, the Chairman of Shahi Foods and Spices mentioned, “We’re incredibly proud that the quality of our products and trust in our brand has culminated in the opening of our flagship mart ‘Mashhoor’ in Sohar. Alongside fresh produce and everyday grocery items, it is the store’s custom grinding and roasting facilities that are going to provide an elevated experience to those residing and working in the Sohar vicinity. A boon to have in any neighbourhood, ‘Mashhoor’s focus is and will continue to be to maintain a wholesome reputation like our leading food and spice brand Shahi.”

Mohammed Ashraf Mulamparambil, the managing director of Shahi Foods and Spices elucidated: “In continuing the legacy of our brand Shahi, ‘Mashhoor’ aims to expand further in the coming years, bringing those residing and working in the Sohar community and adjoining areas the goodness of fresh grocery essentials conveniently via the store. One of ‘Mashhoor’s biggest unique selling propositions is our brand Shahi itself. Every product goes through rigorous quality control in our state of the art in-house laboratory. Shahi is the only company in this sector that has a fully-equipped quality control facility. I oversee procurement to ensure that every product that enters our factory is brought from the best sources. When one opens any Shahi product, one finds a distinctively fresh aroma and texture, as every item under the umbrella has been freshly roasted, milled, pounded and packaged.”