Omani products’ exhibitions helping local firms enter new markets

Business Saturday 18/June/2016 17:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani products’ exhibitions helping local firms enter new markets

Muscat: Demand for non-oil Omani products is on the rise in the international market, owing to their being showcased in different exhibitions, said the head of the Opex Organising Committee.
One of the reasons for higher demand is the recent Omani Products Exhibition (Opex), Ayman Al Hasani, vice-chairman for Economic and Branches Affairs at the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), and head of the Opex Organising Committee told the Times of Oman on the sidelines of the an event to honour the participants of Opex held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last month.
Speaking about why the agency has selected Iran for the next Opex, Al Hasani said, “Iran is a very huge market, which has an around 80 million-strong population, and several countriesare holding different kinds of exhibitions in Tehran to promote their products in Iran.” “This is an indicator that Iran is a huge market,” he added.
He also said 98 per cent of companies that exhibited their products in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last month are willing to participate in Iran as well.
“After our assessment in Ethiopia, 98 per cent of the companies are willing to come with Opex,” he asserted.
He also urged all the companies and factories willing to participate in the event to register soon.
According to Al Hasani, the event will be aimed at enhancing trade ties between Oman and Iran following the lifting of international sanctions on the latter.
“The interest of our companies helps us to work and find new strategic places for the exhibition where we can promote our product and services,” Al Hasani added.
According to him, Omani non-oil companies are more confident after the creation of Opex.
“I think the companies are very much confident now with Opex because every year we find new companies willing to join Opex,” Al Hasani said.
“Opex is the biggest platform for promoting their products and services in the international market,” he added.
Speaking about the future plan of Opex, Al Hasani said; “Demand for Omani non-oil products makes us to think about a new place for an exhibition, which is more convenient and holds potential for our companies.”
He also said they might opt for India as the venue for the next Omani products’ exhibition, but the decision will be taken by a forum of companies.
Speaking about the outcome of the five OPEX events, Al Hasani said; “The first ever Opex event took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in December 2012, where around 60 companies representing various sectors participated in the exhibition and promising deals were inked.
The positive results of this exhibition were followed by successful exhibitions organised in Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, and finally in Addis Ababa.”