Travel from Oman: More countries scrap prior PCR test for travellers

Oman Monday 14/March/2022 22:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Travel from Oman: More countries scrap prior PCR test for travellers

Muscat: People travelling from Oman can now travel to an ever wider array of destinations without taking pre-travel PCR tests, after more countries decided to do away with the requirement.

Bangladesh and Mauritius joined the list of countries that do not require passengers to present pre-travel PCR tests, provided they are fully vaccinated.

“Travellers who have completed full dose (single/double dose as applicable for a full dose) of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines can enter Bangladesh with the official proof of certification of vaccination and no RT-PCR based COVID-19 negative certificate is required,” said the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh on 8 March.

However, those who aren’t fully vaccinated still need to present on arrival a negative PCR test taking at most 72 hours prior to departure.

Following the easing of travel restrictions in many countries from which passengers travel to Mauritius, the island country decided to scrap PCR tests effective 12 March.

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority said that the move would make it much easier for business and leisure travellers to visit this Indian Ocean Island, and is being warmly welcomed by the travel and hospitality industry in Mauritius.

Arvind Bundhun, director of Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, said: “We are delighted that the Ministry of Health and Wellness has reviewed the sanitary protocol for visitors to Mauritius.:

“Automatically this renders the experience of travelling to Mauritius far easier and more streamlined. We expect a further boost to tourism numbers as demand for travel to Mauritius is currently ramping up.”