33km long road constructed in Oman to connect Quriyat villages

Oman Tuesday 18/July/2017 22:01 PM
By: Times News Service
33km long road constructed in Oman to connect Quriyat villages

Muscat: A 33-kilometre stretch of dirt road has been newly constructed in Quriyat, Muscat in order to connect the area’s remote villages, officials announced.
The Municipality of Muscat, represented by the Directorate General of the Muscat Municipality in Quriyat, has recently completed a project of constructing dirt roads to create links between the eastern villages of Quriyat, amounting to 33 kilometres of road.
“The area has a mountainous and rugged terrain, and 27 kilometres of dirt roads were built to benefit the villages of Ta’ab, Harima, Salmah, and Al Adnah. The additional six kilometres serve the village of Faiq, in Wadi Al Arbeen,” the Municipality said.
Fawzi bin Sulaiman Al Hinai, director-general of the General Directorate of the Municipality of Muscat, said the project focused on the area because it is characterised by mountainous natural sights.
“The project included cutting of a rocky road surrounded by stones and large rocks. The existing area lacked accessible service roads and infrastructure for a path, which hindered movement between these villages. “Dirt roads would facilitate the movement of residents in these villages and citizens between the eastern villages of Quriyat,” said Al Hinai.
“This project falls within the plans of the Municipality of Muscat to improve and develop the road network in the governorate of Muscat, and to extend the network of roads to remote villages of the governorate,” he added.
The Director-General also visited the project on Sunday morning, accompanied by the Assistant Director of Projects and the Head of the Roads Department at the Municipality of Muscat in Quriyat, where he met with a number of residents of the villages benefiting from the project.