Biden says US launching major initiative to reduce gun violence

World Friday 04/February/2022 07:48 AM
Biden says US launching major initiative to reduce gun violence

Washington: The United States is launching a new major initiative to reduce gun violence in the country, President Joe Biden said on Thursday.

"Today, the Department [of Justice] is launching intensified National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative to deter criminals from using weapons," Biden said in New York City at a meeting with federal and state officials.

He noted that Attorney General Merrick Garland directed all attorneys in the country to prioritise combating gun trafficking within the country.

The White House explained in a separate statement that the federal government will cooperate with state and local law enforcement to address the most significant sources of violence in each area.

The administration expressed commitment to deploy additional personnel and resources to strengthen the ability to crack down on the so-called Iron Pipeline - the illegal flow of guns circulating across the country, along with other firearms trafficking.

In addition, US authorities are going to pursue illegal gun sellers by prioritizing federal prosecutions of those who criminally sell or transfer firearms that are used in violent crimes, the White House added.