Barr Al Jissah's Artificial Reef Project scales new successes

Roundup Sunday 16/January/2022 15:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Barr Al Jissah's Artificial Reef Project scales new successes

Launched in July 2021 by the Barr Al Jissah Resort Company, the Sultanate's most luxurious address, the artificial coral reef project has scaled new successes. The project aims to achieve sustainable development of marine life in Barr Al Jissah and the surrounding areas, improve bio-cover and biodiversity, and rehabilitate marine life. Given the extent of destruction of these reefs, the initiative will also raise awareness about the importance of maintaining the marine environment and its long-term sustainability.

Commenting on the project success, Firas Matraji , CEO of Barr Al Jissah Resort Company said, “The artificial reef project saw realization through the cooperation of marine biologists and several local organisations. We have built several structures with artificial coral reefs, lowered them on to the seabed, and provided the right circumstances for them to thrive. We hope to create an adequate environment for the long-term survival of marine life and coral reefs in the waters of the Sultanate.”

“We have collaborated with a group of expert divers to monitor the coral reefs on a regular basis. The goal of these trips is to guarantee that these reefs can continue to offer sustenance and habitat for other marine species. We also liaised  with Shangri-La and Extra Divers to promote environmental awareness about this project and its importance in reducing the effects of overfishing, environmental pollution, and the irresponsible use of small boats, through communication with fishermen and the local community. We are pleased with the recent positive reports of the project, which confirmed the acceleration of coral reef growth and the emergence and repopulation of many new marine organisms in the region," he added.