Planning to have a barbecue in Oman this winter? Here’s how to stay safe

Oman Monday 27/December/2021 22:28 PM
By: Times News Service
Planning to have a barbecue in Oman  this winter? Here’s how to stay safe
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Muscat: People who intend on organising a barbecue in Oman this winter are requested to adhere to the proper safety protocols to ensure no one is harmed during the event.

A list of measures has been put out by the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) to make sure no mishaps occur during barbecues, be they at home or in a public space.

“Place your grill away from flammable items and places,” advised the CDAA, asking people to also keep an eye on children to make sure they do not cause accidents while the grill is on.

“Avoid grilling in closed areas, and use proper liquids to start the fire,” added the authority. “Ensure you extinguish the charcoal immediately after you have finished grilling.”

Once done with the grilling, people are requested to make sure they do not empty the contents of the barbecue directly into garbage bins.

Similar precautions are also required when people barbecue while camping outdoors. “Do not make fires inside tents, be they for warming, lighting, or whatever reason,” warned the CDAA.

“It is recommended to use flashlights. Keep fuel and flammable liquids in their own tanks, away from the sources of heat, and out of the reach of children. Do not smoke within tents, so as to avoid health and fire risks. Do not also throw cigarette butts or matchsticks near grass or trees.”

“Choose the right place for a cooking stove…it must be visible,” added the authority.

“Also choose the right place when starting a campfire for any purpose. It must be against the direction of the wind. Keep a suitable fire extinguisher and a set of sand-filled tanks near the camp for use, in case of fire.”

Before leaving a camping or barbecue site, people must make sure the place they were in is clean, and the campfire extinguished.