#ReadersResponse: Salalah’s tourism title well deserved
April 7, 2019 | 9:41 PM
by Times News Service

Residents and citizens in Oman say Salalah’s title as the Capital of Arab Summer Resorts for 2019 is well deserved, because of the unique weather it offers to people throughout the year and its ability to help people unwind amidst its natural beauty.

Salalah was recently named the 2019 Capital of Arab Summer resorts by The Arab Tourism Organisation, an award which is expected to increase tourism to the area by as much as 30 per cent. The title is given to the destination which demonstrates the highest standards of management, infrastructure and services within the resorts, as well as environmental preservation and protection. In addition, tourist entertainment, safety and security are taken into account.

Sheila Ainon Yussof said, “During Khareef season, it is simply breathtaking. I had an unforgettable experience and will visit again.” Sarita Bhat added, “Salalah is one of my favourite places. I lived there for two years and visited so many places. All these places were the best for barbeques or picnics.” Pakistani national Bhai Chota said, “I have plenty of memorable moments of Salalah when I was there from 2011 to 2015.”

Aspaan Kalsi chipped in with, “I have driven from Salalah to Muscat so many times, and have had so many memories.” Dutch national Inge van der Wijk said, “we came to Salalah by car from Muscat via Haima. We had a wonderful time in Dhofar.” Zulfiqar Sheikh said, “Salalah is my favourite place, especially when lightning is seen in the skies at night. Salalah is amazing and beautiful.”

The title of the Capital of Arab Summer Resorts aims to highlight the merits of the winning city and to increase economic return by driving up the numbers of tourists to the area, attracted by the new festivals.

Dr Bandar Al Fahid, chairman of the Arab Tourism Organisation, said: “Salalah is an ideal tourist destination throughout the year. It is characterised by temperate weather, the amazing green carpet and the warmth of the sun in winter. It has many cultural and historical sites such as Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the Tower Souq, Al Nahdah Tower, Dar Al Kutub Library, Al Murooj Theatre, Lubban site, and the new Salalah Airport.”

Al Fahid added: “This title is an opportunity for the city of Salalah to encourage Arab and international tourism through the development of an annual programme of events. The Arab Tourism Organisation will continue to work with The Ministry of Tourism in Oman to develop and implement joint activities which we expect to have a very positive effect on tourist numbers.”

Evangelina Arellano was quick to recall her fond memories of Dhofar and said: “I visited in 2017 and 2018. I love the Khareef season in Salalah, it’s all so green, it is raining and it has waterfalls,” with Ami Mickey Collin opining, “there are so many beautiful parks in Salalah for kids. Dhahriz, New Salalah, Sadah and Al Wadi, everywhere you go, you will find parks. I’ve been living there for the past eight years now, and Salalah is beautiful throughout the year, but the best time of the year is the Khareef. We wait for its lovely climate, and we enjoy homemade food at barbeque parties. We really enjoy this season a lot. The people here are simply wonderful, are very down to earth, and are truly loving Omanis.”

Professional drone operator Mike Thompson who yearns to see Dhofar region one day said: “I dream of Salalah. I am a professional drone operator and I want to come and film. Oman is my dream.”

Rajendra Thanki added, “I lived in Salalah for 20 years. I’ve seen it all from Mughsayl and Taqah to Mirbat, Hatbeen and Sadah.”

Alferd Martis, another Salalah veteran, added, “yes, I lived in Salalah for 30 years, seen it from Taqah to Raysut and Mughsayl.” Michel Cachia vowed to make it his next destination and said: “It’s my next trip to Oman.”

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