Ministry of Transport to open new section of Batinah Expressway project on Monday
May 21, 2017 | 11:49 AM
by Times News Service
Photo - @motc_om

In pictures: Ministry of Transport opens section of Batinah Expressway

A portion of the Batinah Expressway will be opened for traffic today, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) announced yesterday.

Officials said the 34 kilometre-road from Aqar village in Shinas to Liwa interchange will be opened for motorists on Monday. “The road will provide an alternative route for traffic as there will be no traffic lights and roundabouts,” a motorist, who regularly uses this road, said.

With regards to residents of Shinas, it will assist them in travelling to and from Muscat. “It will cut their travelling time and will also open many opportunities,” Mohammed, a resident of Sohar, said.

In the first week of March, Dr Ahmed Al Futaisi, minister of Transport and Communications, opened a portion of Batinah Expressway project from Barka to Al Hizm, Rustaq.

The Batinah Expressway starts at the end of Muscat Expressway (Halban interchange) and continues till Khatmat Malaha in the wilayat of Shinas and has a total length of 272 kilometres.

The Batinah Expressway project comprises of six packages, which include four lanes on each side (375 metres wide), a 3.5 metre-wide middle traffic island, 3 metre-wide external shoulders, 2 metre-wide internal shoulders, 31 wadi crossing bridges, 23 interchanges and locations for police traffic patrol parking and ambulances.

The road is one of the strategic projects implemented by MoTC.

Drivers said driving to the United Arab Emirates or to Sohar will be easy after the road is completed from Muscat. “Right now, it is a nightmare as it is just two lanes and too many vehicles on road,” said S Rao, who regularly drives to Sohar from Muscat.

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