Electronic bidding announcement by Oman DryDock Company

Roundup Monday 25/October/2021 16:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Electronic bidding announcement by Oman DryDock Company

Oman DryDock Company (ODC) in Duqm, in partnership with Mazadcom for Smart Solutions LLC , wishes to sell “scrap materials” as is and in place through electronic bidding via the electronic auction platform (www.mzadcom.om), and this auction is only available to registered and licensed companies By the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with a registered and activated activity for the sale and purchase of scrap materials or Omani factories for smelting iron, steel and steel products or operating activities in the field.

Condition to enter E-auction:

Companies wishing to enter the auction must register on the electronic platform of Mazadcom according to its requirements and obtain the access code so that they can enter and participate in the auction through (www.mzadcom.om)

 All companies wishing to inspect the materials submit the request by e-mail to auction coordinator ([email protected]), attaching a copy of their ID to the applicant, and pay an amount of 1,000 OMR (one thousand Omani riyals) to be refunded after inspecting the materials in Oman drydock yard in Duqm, and participating in the electronic auction via the Mazadcom platform Electronic (www.mzadcom.om).

Mazadcom team will communicate with the bidders by e-mail and phone to provide them with the dates of the inspection and the procedures required to enter the auction yard.

Bidders wishing to enter the electronic auction must deposit in Mazadcom account a security deposit of 50,000 OMR (fifty thousand Omani riyals), which can only be refunded after fulfilling all the conditions of the auction.

This auction will be held in accordance with ODC's HSE policy set out in the company document requested from Mzadcom team , please make sure you understand ODC's HSE requirements before participating In the online auction, all HSE rules regarding the safe handling and transportation of materials from the ODC site will apply.

The E-auction start date: 22/11/2021, close date: 24/11/202, and any bid that takes place in the last two minutes from the end of the E- bidding time will lead to an increase in the auction time by two minutes each time, and Mzadcom has the right to extend the end of the auction period at the request of ODC, or for any reason the management deems necessary.

The winning bid will be announced after the list of bidders is presented to ODC Company for its approval of the bid prices, and it has the right to object to the bid prices and cancel the auction.

The auction winner must pay the full auction amount within a 14-day period starting from the date:25/11/2021 to: 8/12/2021, The auction amount cannot be completed from the security deposit, and in the event of non-payment, the security amount will be forfeited, and he bears all costs resulting from The auction and any fees or taxes that may be imposed on the purchase of auction materials, and in the event of his failure to pay, The auction will be returned at his own risk and he will be responsible for any difference in price from the auction amount.

The winner of the auction must transfer the auction materials (scrap) within three months at most from the date of awarding the auction to him, starting from the date: 8/12/2021: to date: 8/3/2022-, cleaning the yard, and transporting the waste to the municipal waste yard, and in the event that the materials are not transferred and the site cleaned within the specified period the deposit will not refunded.

Health, safety and environment rules will always apply in the ODC yard, so materials must be transported, and waste disposed of safely and in a manner that complies with all applicable local laws in this regard, and Mzadcom will not be responsible for any violations applied to it from any party.

In the event that the materials are not transferred within the period specified in the advertisement, a fine of 50 Omani riyals (Fifty Omani Riyals) is imposed for each day of delay after completing four months from the date of awarding the auction due to Dry Dock Company ODC, deducted from the guarantee amount until the completion of the transportation of materials from its yard.

Communicate with the Mazadcom team to confirm your entry into the auction, on the numbers
+968 929 70 111
+968 927 888 22
+968 9220 4341

Auction inspection site: Duqm Economic Zone – Oman Dry Dock.