Ahad Foundation to operate aid convoy to cyclone-hit wilayats on Omani Women’s Day

Oman Saturday 16/October/2021 17:11 PM
Ahad Foundation to operate aid convoy to cyclone-hit wilayats on Omani Women’s Day

Muscat: Acting from its strong conviction in the importance of social and humanitarian action,  Ahad Foundation is operating a relief aid convoy on Sunday, (October 17, 2021) to the wilayats stricken by the tropical cyclone (Shaheen) in the Sultanate.  

The mission, which coincides with Omani Women’s day, reflects the Foundation’s concern for society.

Her Highness the Honourable Lady, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan, has been keen and influential in activating the role of Omani Women’s Associations (OWA) in rallying the mission, codenamed “Ahad Al Khair” or “Reign of Bounty’’.

The aim is to unify efforts of OWA members in distributing supplies and delivering aid to those who need it most.

The convoy of Ahad Foundation  underscores the significance of charitable, humanitarian and social responsibility expected to be shouldered by all institutions of the State, as well as individuals, particularly in such conditions.

The convoy will pursue a specific route and its teams operate from a number of assembly points.

The mission is undertaken by Ahad Foundation personnel, along with OWA members and representatives from different governorates of the Sultanate, in addition to women volunteers from the Royal Court Affairs.

The convoy will kick off from Muscat Governorate and head towards South and North Al Batinah. It will stop over in five main posts in the wilayats of Al Musanaa, A’Suwaiq, Al Khabourah and Saham.

The fifth stop will be in the Wilayat of Ibri in the Governorate of A’Dhahira.

Last week, Ahad Foundation operated similar convoys to the stricken areas.